Day at Giethoorn during your vacation at Holiday park Waterstaete

A day at Giethoorn is a real must during your holiday or weekend away at our park. In the center of Giethoorn you will find countless shops and cozy restaurants on the long village canal. It's not for nothing that Giethoorn is called Dutch Venice. This beautiful water village full of history and beautiful nature is one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. So put a cruise on your to do list!


Below you can view the photos of the village Ossenzijl - in nature reserve Weerribben Wieden. From Ossenzijl there are beautiful cycling routes and sailing routes both towards Friesland and the Frisian Lakes as well as Weerribben Wieden National Park with places such as Giethoorn, Blokzijl, Muggenbeet, Wanneperveen, Blauwe Hand, Kalenberg, Sint Jansklooster and Vollenhoven.