Sinterklaasweekend 2020 at Vakantiepark Waterstaete

Enjoy a delicious Sinterklaas party and four package night together with your family. Sinterklaas can be seen online this year in the homes of Vakantiepark Waterstaete. Based on a live stream of over 30 minutes, Sinterklaas will be present live at the Sinterklaas evening. There is even a gift delivered to the front door. The children also get a nice pietensearchtour for the park! How fun is that...

Tip: book a Sinterklaas brunch or a Sinterklaas gourmet for your bungalow and make the Sinterklaas party complete🎁

Costs livestream Sinterklaas, a treasure hunt and a present:
€25.00 per 20 minutes.

€31.50 per person and €15.75 per child including live stream with Sinterklaas 

€20,00 per person and €10,00 per child to order.

Please contact Restaurant 't Binnenhof:
Telephone/whatsapp: 0561-452992